Super Sticky Resistente Clear Tape

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Our Double-Sided Tape Gives You A Different Experience, Enjoy Life With It!

About this item

Professional Double-Sided Tape

The double-sided mounting tape is made of upgraded PE material and extra strength cloth mesh, coated with extremely sticky clear glue under industrial standards.

High Sticky Double Tape Heavy Duty

Strong grid cloth and high stickiness make double-sided tape heavy-duty and rigid, ensuring good performance whether applied to rough or smooth surfaces, heavy or light items.

Easy Tear Tape, Easy To Use

Easy tape double-sided is tearable by hand and easily removable. Before applying 2 sided tape heavy duty, make sure the surface is clean and dry, then rip or cut double-sided tape strips to desired length, then apply thin double-sided adhesive tape onto the surface, peel off the yellow paper backing(release liner), put items to double tape resistance and press firmly.

Residue-Free, Easy To Clean

Double-sided mesh tape coats high-adhesion glue to a strong fiber grid, leaving no annoying glue or residue when taking it off. 

Multipurpose Double-Sided Tape

Two-sided tape heavy-duty is applicable to home accessories like carpets, area rugs, runners, fridges, photo frames, posters, DIY projects and so much more. Double-stick tape is suitable for various surfaces like hardwood, tile, glass, plastic, concrete, etc.



  • Item Type: Glass fiber mesh double-sided tape

  • Thickness:0.35mm

  • Weight:100g

  • size:1.97×196.85 inch


  • Please allow little color difference due to different cameras or light environments.

  • Please allow slight size deviation due to manual measurement.


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