Customize your name - Piggy Bank-Wood Gift For Kids

Alphabet : A

Bring much fun into your kid’s life with a big letter piggy bank to teach them saving their pocket money

Visual element creates a sense of excitement and accomplishment, Motivating the child to save even more.Enhance your connection with your kids

It's important to teach the kids from a young age the value of money. Our customised money boxes will help them save their money and with the clear perspex cover they can see their money grow.

Personalized cover name, Each Piggy Bank can be personalized by engraving your child's name or words of encouragement. This adds sentimental value and makes it an excellent gift choice for children, promoting a sense of ownership and pride in their savings. 

This letter bank has a simple, but functional design. If the piggy bank is full - just unscrew a few screws to take the plastic glass and get your money!


● Handcrafted from 100% Organic Oak Lumber in the USA
● Finished with Food-Safe Mineral Oil and Beeswax
● No Paints or Stains used (0-VOC)
● Coin Slot at the Top
● Acrylic Covering


  • PACKAGE: 1pc * Letter Piggy Bank 
  • SIZE: 


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