pickpal: Glow Bass Pick

Color : WHITE
Bundle : 1 Pack

Bass Pick: Illuminate Your Bass Performance

Radiance Meets Texture: The Bass Pick is designed with bass players in mind, featuring a unique lighting feature that activates with each strum, adding an irresistible visual allure to your stage presence.

Quality Material for Bass Mastery: Crafted from food-grade PC ABS material with a matte finish, it offers exceptional durability and a non-slip grip, ensuring every note played is clear and resonant.

Extended Lifespan, Maintenance-Free: Each Picks is engineered to last with up to 360,000 flashes or approximately 120 hours of playtime, so you can focus on your performance without the hassle of battery replacement.

Tailored for Every Bassist: The thickness of the Picks is ideally suited for bass players, providing top performance whether you’re aggressively slapping or delicately plucking the strings.

This Glow Bass Pick is the perfect choice for any bassist looking to elevate their traditional play into a luminous art form. Pick it up and let your music shine as brightly as your stage.