Pickle and Olives Jar Container with Strainer

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A Must for Pickle Lovers😍😍

If you love olives and pickles but you have trouble pulling them out of the jar, the pickle storage container is exactly what you need! This multifunctional pickle jar has an innovative hourglass design equipped with a juice separator for more convenience and practicality.

Flip Pickle Jar With Leak Proof

When you love pickle of olives or cucumber, but facing trouble when pulling them out of the jar, our pickle container provide you a good solution. The pickle jar has an with a juice separating way, so you can simply pick your pickles without getting your hands wet.


The pickle jar is 100% leakproof and secure an airtight sealing to prevent any leaks or spills, perfect to store your favorite pickles.

Wonderful Experience

The pickle jar design to separate liquid from the pickles when you flip it, After you finish eating, flipping back the jar and the pickles soaking in brine again to maintain their freshness and savor.