The SilverCrate Orthopedic Bedroll Pillow

Color : Blue



The SilverCrate+ Orthopedic Bedroll Pillow

Comfort & Convenience:Used for the lateralization of the body in cases of people with limitedmobility, specially developed to facilitate daily hygiene and care routines, ensuring safety for the patient and caregiver.



ImprovesBlood Circulation & Aids in Healing:For patients who need greater care in the leg and hip region, theSilverCrateOrthopedic bedroll Pillow isperfect for better comfort and a significant improvement in healing, as well as helping with blood circulation in the region after surgery.

Orthopedic Bedroll Pillow Design: It offers the ideal support to perform positioning and lateral movement, helping health professionals, caregivers and family members of patients with physical disabilities, whether temporary or permanent.


  • It has an anatomical design;
  • Made of high quality material;
  • Hygienic and waterproof cover 100% PVC
  • It has side handles for better hand support;
  • 100% polyurethane foam;
  • Removable cover with zipper;
  • Dimensions: 18.90x16.14x5.12inch

Package Includes: 1x Orthopedic Bedroll Pillow