Fridge Emptying Dredger And Cleaning Set


You Need This Long Flexible Hose Brush To Solve These Problems


  • Keeps your hose bacteria-free

Clean your fridge drain and other long tubes to remove bacteria and stains so they don't contaminate your hose, food, and goods with the flexible brush cleaner.

  • Maximizes the taste of food

Using this brush maximizes the taste of food by keeping stains and bacteria out of your fridge and food.

The overall length of 150cm (61 inches) is perfect for cleaning the fridge drain, car sunroof drain pipe, or other long hoses.

  • Flexible and soft handle

Tubular brush on one end and loop end on the other; nylon bristles gently scrub bacteria and stains without damaging the hose.

Works on any surface material (copper, vinyl, plastic pipe applications).

  • Come to these awkward angles

The hose brush is flexible to work with bent hoses (angled less than 90 degrees).

The nylon bristles collect and remove drain, food, grease build-up, and dirt. durable enough for long-term use.

  • Simple operation

Insert the flexible handle (brush end first) into the hose and gently scrub the inside while working the brush back out.

The flexible yet sturdy wire body snakes effortlessly through and goes deep into any drain.


  • Material: Steel wire + PVC
  • Size: As shown


  • 1 * Fridge Emptying Dredger And Cleaning Set (5pcs)