2023 New 360° Rotation Tea Maker

Style : Arlan
Option : Only 1 Pot

Effortlessly enjoy the perfect cup of tea with ourceramic tea pot!!!

Just add tea leaves and hot water, and effortlessly pour your teawithout any hassle.


  • Cherry blossom color change

in hot water can change color, so that you can enjoy the appearance of cherry blossom when making tea.

Our innovative design ensures acomplete separationof tea leaves and water. Indulge in theexquisite flavorandembrace ultimate relaxation!

  • Premium Material

The tea pot is crafted fromhigh-quality raw mineral clayand fired at high temperatures. It features adetachable handlemade of heat-resistant black mountain wood and a304 stainless steel filterwith evenly distributed pores.

  • Unique Design
The inner container canrotate 360 degreesandautomatically filter, while the lid stays securely in place. The filter and tea pot aredetachable, makingiteasy to use and clean.

Eagle mouth spout design, smoother water flow.

  • Perfect Gift

Traditional craftsmanship, crafted with care. Thoughtfully designed, beautiful and elegant. It is the ultimate gift for friends, parents, or tea enthusiasts.


  • Material:Ceramics, Wood, Alloy
  • Size: 6.89" x 3.74" x 3.35"
  • Capacity: 150ml = 6.09oz


  • Set 1: 1 * Teapot (not included cups)
  • Set 2: 1 * Cup + 4 * Cup + 1 * Tray + 1 * Storage Bag